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Evonne Krell

Children's Author

Welcome! Check out my children's fiction book The Tower, learn more about me and the book's illustrator, Lalou, or use the Contact form to send a message. Visit Kids Stuff to print some fun puzzles!

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The Tower tells the account of the tower of Babel from the perspective of three children. When the mighty hunter Nimrod saves the children from a monster attack, Jered wants to be like him. But is Nimrod really the hero Jered thinks he is? After a conversation with his ancestor Shem, Jered wonders if their people are being disobedient to God. If they are, what judgment might God bring? Join Jered and his friends as they battle dangerous creatures, face perilous storms, and learn to rely on God when hope seems lost.


Will the tower make them famous or be their downfall?
“We are one people with one purpose. Together, we will do great things!”
Nimrod raised his arms and pointed to the tower.


Lace up your sandals and grab your sling because The Tower is an adventure story you don’t want to miss. From dust storms to dinosaurs, this imaginative story makes the tower of Babel come alive. As you follow the journey of three friends, you’ll learn that obeying God is always the best decision.

Mark Wainwright, author of Trapped in a Hot Air Balloon


The Tower is a fun story for early readers that captures life during the building of the tower of Babel, including the dinosaurs that may have lived 100 years after the flood. This is an excellent book for children who love to think about Bible times and what life would have been like. The author creates an appealing story that reminds us that in every age seeking God makes all the difference.

Joyce McPherson, author of The Ocean of Truth: The Story of Sir Isaac Newton


Evonne has crafted a delightful children’s story based on the real account of the tower of Babel. Kids will love “meeting” biblical characters, ferocious monsters, and more as they discover the truth of God’s judgment on sin and his mercy in saving us.
Ken Ham, CEO, Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and Ark Encounter, author of One Blood for Kids


The Tower is a great kid-friendly fictional adventure surrounding the true events at the tower of Babel. Join Jered, Damian, and Nephti in their exciting experience! Children will immerse themselves in the action and thrills set in an historical time—when our ancestors defied God and he confused their language!

Bodie Hodge, B.Sc., MSc., PEI, author of the popular Christian nonfiction book The Tower of Babel





Birthplace: Santa Monica, California

Hometown: Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

Current Residence: Northern Kentucky, United States

Occupation: Writer and Editor for Answers in Genesis

Likes: ice hockey, martial arts, castles, pizza

Dislikes: green beans, burpees, nightmares

Favorite quote: A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest. —C.S. Lewis



Lalou is an illustrator living and working in Victoria, British Columbia. She uses her creative talent to draw cute forest friends and put delicious gingerbread recipes on hand towels. She says about working on The Tower, “Collaborating with Evonne was just as fun as making extinct animals and action-packed scenes come to life!”

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